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Join Our Team

Our team at The Shape of Flower is composed of many people in many different groups! Everyone does their part to make sure everything is running smoothly. Aside from our mentors, it is essential for us to have the rest of our team to be fully motivated and eager to improve the lives of others. We at The Shape of Flower are looking for others to help us strive to make free education accessible everywhere.

Different Parts of Our Team


Bloggers are responsible for writing creative and engaging stories about life, education, and culture.


Marketers are responsible for developing and executing strategies to promote our organization’s leadership activities and mentorship services.


Coders are the backbone of the organization. They help to maintain our website servers and create apps, and utilities for our SoF users.

It's Easy to Join

Fill out the form below as honestly and genuinely as possible. Although prior experience is recommended, anyone can feel free to apply. Express your interests and highlight your skills, and we hope to see you at The Shape of Flower!

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